Horizontal Hotel

Out in the Backwoods

The party is over and I’m heading south
I’m leaving the city I’ve got to get out
Over and over and over it goes
They get tired of the living before we get old.

The brave and the braver and the bravest and me
Set off in a little boat straight out to sea
A rolling and a rolling and a rolling away
The tide would deliver us but I don’t know which way.

Oh what a day it’s been
You could live for a life that you’ll never see.

Just like a vagabond we stumbled through the brush
Broken and empty we settled in the dust
Lazy and loaded and lifeless I was
I didn’t stop to think of the cost.

Oh let the light in, you don’t always win
But now I’m alive let me begin
Where shall we go and how will we know and how will i get there ?
I couldn’t let go

The sweet and the sweeter and the sweetest I’ve known
Came by in the winter, came to carry me
Out of the backwoods where the wild winds would roam
They would cry for the summer, where did it go?

Scattered Flowers

It’s a golden age that’s what they say
Well no one argued anyway
I gave my all and I tried my best
Here’s my body laid to rest
Scattered flowers upon the sand
And all the young folks don’t understand
And here I ride all made of stone
All forgotten all alone
Have you seen the lightening times I ran
All the good deeds I have done
Now they lay my body in the ground
Now my race is over my battle nearly run
The angels came to greet me and take me to the sun
All my trials over and finally I’m free
To rest beneath the sky with my family
In a foreign field they laid my bones
And it counts for nothing I never made it home
Through blood and earth and an old headstone
Forever England Forever Home
Have you seen the lightening times I ran
All the good things I could have done
Now they lay my body in the ground
All my trials over my battle nearly run
The angels came to greet me and tell me what I’d done
My mother and my father and my whole family
Will rest beneath the sky
Finally I’m free.
Look who’s laughing now.

Nothing Else

I’ve been drinking for days now
Trying to drown my own head
But nothing seems to work anymore
I think I’ll stay here instead
To while away all of the hours that God sends
And throw my body to the wind
I am a law unto myself
A living proof of something else
I’m all I am and I’m nothing else
I have done everything that I could
Trying to make it alright
But nothing seems to work anymore
I think I’ll stay here inside
To while away all of the hours that God sends
I tried and I tried I don’t know what it meant
But I’d throw my body to the wind
And all of the weather it rolled in today
And I don’t know which way to run
But one thing that I know for sure
Is that your day will come.

Old Yellow Sun

Some day baby the sun will shine
I could be your sweetheart and you could be mine
You and I will be just fine
You and I will be alright
Some day baby the stars will shine
All of these storm clouds will pass me by
And I know you will be just fine
You and I will be just right
Together we’ll take flight
I’ll be holding on so tightly to you
And we’ll leave this world behind
To where the skies are always blue
And the sun will shine for you
And everything you do
Life will go sweetly taking easy with you
Some day baby a day will come
Shine a light on all the things that we have done
forever we’ll be together beneath the old yellow sun
And we’ll leave this world behind
I’ll be holding on so tightly to you
And we’ll let our dreams take flight.

Quiet Hands

On the other side of a place I know
The grass grows tall and the hearts are gold
I’m lost at sea and I can’t get home
I can’t get back home
So we ride on the seas of change
Got a suitcase full of the dreams I made
Stay with me for a little while
And we can run fast
Oh I promise you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
When the day is done
It will turn to dust
And the ghosts will fly
But they won’t find us
She’s got quiet hands
She whispers her plans
And everything is okay
You can leave your troubles here
To sink like wooden ships
And don’t dare look back
When the morning comes I’ll be by your side
Through the river of dreams where the demons glide
I can hardly wait I could almost die
I will see you soon.

Crooked Sea

Hello, my heart is beating still
I’m here and I’m not letting go
Did I make you proud?
Didn’t I do well?
Wait; time is moving fast
Hold on and grab it while it lasts
We don’t have too long
Just here and then you’re gone
I love the way you’ve guided me home
So long farewell goodbye and here I go
I danced between those little highs and lows
And i’d sail along the crooked sea of hope
Would I meet you there
I could meet you there
I walked amongst the people in my life
It’s good to always keep them by your side
As i sailed the crooked sea that is my mind
I would meet you there
I loved the way you guided me home

Cukoo’s Nest

Show me my life is it medicine time?
I’ve been sitting down here on my own
I’ve stared at these walls for a year maybe more
Is it true that I’m loosing my mind
Float away
It’s only a God and they just made it up
But it took me away to the sea
I bathed in the light of a glorious day
But look what you’ve done to me
Float away
Everyone knows the feelings that grow
All the highs and the lows
That we feel they seem real

And I’d break through these walls with my mind
Fly out of here take some time
And when I am all lost and free
The truth will belong to me
Oh and I see the sea and the sea can see me
I would swim in the ocean of love
Oh and I can’t get enough

I wasted my years and I cried all my tears
Will I ever get out of this place?
I’m barely alive all I want is to fly
Let me go and I’ll be on my way
Float away

Down to Pleasure

Why wait?
Heaven is holding a place
You’re so cruel
Why did you give me a taste?
When hell freezes over I will not stand in your way

I wandered these old avenues to a beautiful place
When you hit me hit low and hard it’s the devils way
And when hell freezes over
I will not lie here awake
I won’t be lying awake

It’s all down to pleasure and the price that they’ll pay
i got down on my knees I was ready now to pray

And here’s to the lovers, the cheaters, the players I’ve known
Like a bird in a cage that refuses to fly I have flown

It’s all down to worriers and the battles that we wage
They were buried in the cemetery along with their names.

Blood Pact

So we made a pact
And signed it in our blood
Said we would be friends
But look at us now
I always told you I’d lead you astray
You never listened you wanted to play
If you play with the devil you’re going to get burnt
These are the things that I’ve learnt

We were young back then
And together we ran
And I remember it well
The day that we sang
I thought it would bind us but it tore us apart
We rise from the ashes with a heavy heart

Out in the distance a hummingbird sings
“Wait for me while I begin”
Just like a life on the edge of the rails
I would live by the things that you say

It’s not in the way that you say it
It’s all in the things that you say

So we made a pact in our blood
Which we scratched in the ground.

Arlo Mud

I am trouble that you don’t need
heaven help me forgive me please
I am weary with who I am
I got trouble making plans
I put the bottle to my lips
I was seeking nothing
But I felt its kiss
Are you a sinner or an underdog?
Sometimes everybody feels lost
With a holy this and a holy that and a holy no one knows
There’s a devil here and a devil there and a devil down below
Well I am never letting go
Is there a God? well I don’t know
I was only looking for some answers in the end
You were only looking for someone to be a friend
Does it live here or is it gone?
When is it coming, will it stay for long?
Oh it works in the strangest ways
Gets in your head and stays for days
It will seek you here it will seek you there and everywhere you go
With the pleasures here and the pleasures there and the pleasures down below
I am weary no more…………